Learning and Understanding the Basics of Horse Racing Bets

Don’t worry if you are confused with the terminologies used in horse racing because there are actually many other people who are in the same situation as you. While it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the jargons used in this sport, there’s a learning curve you can follow actually.

Bet Types that Matter in Your Experience

Definitely, there are some words that are imperative to know as well as different type of bets that you must understand. Here, you are going to get a brief explanation of the types of horse racing bets that you could make so by that, you can place bets with ease and confidence.

Literally, there are countless of bets you could make but let us just focus on the basics.

Straight Bets

It is quite easy to learn what a straight bet is for there are only three things to remember and these are:

  1. Win
  2. Place and;
  3. Show

Win Bets – this is exactly as what the name suggests. You have to choose a horse that will finish first to cash in a ticket.

Place Bets – in this bet, it will require your choice of horse either to finish in 1st or 2nd place.

Show Bets – for this bet, as long as your horse finishes in 3rd, 2nd or 1st, you win.

See how simple it is? Anyone can learn it in seconds.

Exotic Bets

In essence, these exotic bets are race to parlays between 2 and 6 races or they may require you to make prediction of the exact order of finish in a single race like who would finish in 1st and 2nd and so on.

Horizontal Exotic Bets

For you to win on such bet, it is essential to choose a winner of consecutive races prior the first series of race starts.

You’ll hear the term “Daily Double” which means the winner of 2 consecutive races, Pick 3 is 3 straight races while Pick 4 is when your pick won 4 consecutive races. Then there is Pick 5 and Pick 6, you get the idea.

Combinations in Horizontal Bets

As a matter of fact, it is fairly common among bettors to make several bets on individual bet types. To give you an example, in Daily Double, you may love number one in first race but in the next, you think that number one, two and three are just the same. So rather than making a guess on which three may win, you can simply play the three combination of 1-1, 1-2, 1-3. You’re making 3 bets and thus, it is expected that it’ll cost you more. However, if one of your bet wins, then you can cash in a ticket.

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