What to Know about Sports Betting in South Korea

If you’re an avid sports punter about to visit South Korea, you’ll likely look for a sports betting outlet or an online sportsbook, which in the country is known as toto sites. However, you should have awareness that in Korea, the only sports where staking of wagers is legal, are on horseracing and on boat and cycling competitions. Moreover, there are only two companies allowed to legally offer betting and fixed-odds, namely the Toto and the Proto.

Other than those two companies, all other toto venues are deemed operating illegally and subject to punishments in accordance with South Korea’s gambling laws. Since horseracing is very much a part of Korean culture, they still attract a lot of local and foreign gamblers. However, the operations of the two toto sites were met with challenges and stiff competition when leading UK bookmakers started expanding their coverage not only in North America but in Asian countries like Korea, as well.

Online sport books quickly became the better choice for online betting activities, as the betting products are for a vast range of sports markets; from football, to basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, and just about any type of sports tournaments, including esports.

Role Played by Providers of Electronic Verification Services in South Korea

Just like Korea’s Toto and Proto betting outlets, the products and services of a toto venue can be accessed by Korean gamblers, only after their identity and documents have been verified as authentic. On the other hand, local gamblers also make sure they are accessing a safe and trustworthy online toto site by checking out the certification issued by a private verification company. In the country, the term 먹튀검증 토토사이트 literally refers to an eat and see verified toto site. The certification issued serves as an attestation that the online venue is genuine and trustworthy because its licensing records and reputation is clean as far as online betting transactions are concerned.

So if you’re looking to access an online toto while in Korea, it is safer to choose from the list of eat and see verified toto sites recommended by websites like Eat Gang. In addition to the certification, the latter also performs up-to-date data analysis to make sure their recommendations are true and kept fresh .

What Do Ear and See Verification Companies in South Korea Do?


There are eat and see private entities, also known as eat and run verification professionals that specialize in authenticating client data, as well as in verifying the trustworthiness of an online gambling site. Using electronic signature and verification systems and tools, private verification companies verify the IDs of customers looking to digitally transact with a platform that offers products or services to consumers. Korean consumers on the other hand may put forward a request to a government agency or a private verification company to screen a business before paying a required down payment or subscription fees .

Do Verification Certifications Make an Online Toto Site Legal?

If an ecommerce platform checks out as a genuine and reliable business operator, the private verification company will issue a certification attesting to the veracity of the electronic signature, biometrics and identification documents of the person or business entity that was screened. However such certification does not make an online gambling venue a legal entity in South Korea, since there are other laws governing the legality of an online casinos or sports toto.