Sports Betting Terms and Words You Should Know

Sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular activity for sports fans, but for the uninitiated, it can be a bit overwhelming. Terms and words that are commonly used in the world of sports betting can be confusing and hard to understand. That’s why it’s important to have an understanding of the essential jargons used around the world of sports betting. Learning about these words is important when you play in gambling sites like 헤라카지노 or in land-based casinos.

Point Spread

A point spread is the predicted number of points that will separate the two teams at the end of the game. It is set by the sportsbook based on how they think the game will play out. A sportsbook will predict that Team A will win by 2 points, and Team B will win by 1 point. This would leave a final score of Team A 3, Team B 2. 

The sportsbook then uses these numbers and the total to set odds for each side of the bet, with one team having positive odds and the other team having negative odds.


The moneyline is a type of bet that doesn’t use point spreads like other types of bets do. Instead, it’s based on the final score of the game. The sportsbook will determine a team’s probability of winning the game, and then set the payout based on the amount of money they will win if they are correct. 

If they lose the bet, they will lose the amount they wagered. For example, a sportsbook might think that Team A has a 55% chance of winning, and Team B has a 45% chance of winning.


The total is an odds making term used by sportsbooks to predict the combined number of points scored by both teams in a game. 

The total is based on the point spread in each game, as well as a variety of other factors. The sportsbook will set the final score, and then use the points differential to calculate each team’s score. 

They will then add the two scores together to determine the total. The sportsbook uses the total to set the line, and it’s usually expressed as a number without a “0” in the middle. For example, the total in a football game might be 49, or 49.5. If the total is above 50, it’s considered a high-scoring game, while a low-scoring game is below 50.