The ASA Easter Int’l Swimming Meet

In Australia, swimming is among the sought after sports. It is not surprising though since they’re surrounded by water, making swimming as the nation’s greatest passions. Many people actually grew up with a pool in their suburb, town or just in their backyard.

As a result, swimming doesn’t just turn out to be a hobby but, a way of life among Australians.

Aside from being a good pastime, swimming additionally is a nice way of meeting new people and making new friends. If you want to learn new and exciting skills while staying fit, swimming can bring that to you too. As of this moment, there are over a hundred thousand registered swimmers in Australia.

Why Swim?

Fact is, there are many good reasons to engage yourself in swimming and these include:

  1. A nice way of meeting new people
  2. Proven to help people in managing asthma attacks
  3. Great to stay active and healthy

Join the Club Today!

As you opt to join a swim club, you’ll enjoy the following benefits too:

  1. Teaches people important skills such as commitment, water safety, social skills, work ethics, time management and many more
  2. Offer safe and fun social environment both for children and parents
  3. Get the chance to have a friendly raise amongst friends and have your personal best.