World Polo Index

There are many good physical benefits for engaging in water polo. If you are looking for reasons why you should do so, then the following may just help you out.

Number 1. Toning

Players of this sport are always on the move by using eggbeater in kicking to stay afloat. Good eggbeater is essential to this sport and it utilizes every muscle in hips, bum and legs. It may seem an easy thing to do but try doing it even for the first five minutes non-stop. Good luck with that!

Number 2. Stamina

You just can’t stop even for a millisecond when in a game of water polo. There is basically no easy swimming.

This is a high-paced game to which players have to train themselves thoroughly to sprint from one end to another. And mind you, end-to-end match may make players swim for 4km.

Number 3. Power

Have you tried to swim with extra 80 kilos from someone who lies on you or trying to hold you down? Say that you are not well prepared and trained, then it must have been quite difficult for you. Even so, it is an effective way of building your lower and upper body strength.