Records Long

Will it come to a point when breaking records becomes harder and almost impossible? The logic behind this feat is that as time goes by, the frequency in which records are being broken diminishes continually. Regardless, even if athletes never got any stronger or faster or perhaps, if their training evolved, world records will occasionally still be broken as per experts.

This is due to the reason that record breaking is completely a random process and depends largely on the pregame mindset of the athletes as well as day’s weather.

Technology Affecting World Record Stunts

Most of the time, records are broken whenever there are new major breakthroughs.

Let us look cycling for example, with the invention and use of carbon fiber for bike frames, there was actually a time when tons of records were obliterated.

Then in swimming, hi-tech bodysuits that significantly reduces drag were used in Beijing resulted to beating several lap times. Ultimately, officials have come to a decision of banning such suits in 2009.

We also have the development of anabolic steroids which might have played a significant role in establishing records that are close to being unbeatable, especially in track.

The Trend

If you’ll notice, there’s a pattern in record breaking events. Whenever a new technology is discovered, athletes and sports team flock into it to give it a try, which sometimes result to incredible feats.