Online Gambling, Horse Racing, And Lotteries In Thailand

As in many Asian countries, gambling has a long tradition in Thailand. Today gambling is strictly regulated, but not prohibited. Local offerings are limited to horse racing in Bangkok and the nationwide lottery.

Online Gambling in Thailand

Online gaming is a popular pastime in Thailand. The government does not put a stop to this, but allows access to online casinos like gclub as long as they have valid licenses  in other countries. Online players are not prosecuted. Instead, the police focus on fighting organized crime.

Thai Lottery

In Thailand, lots of the state-owned Thai lottery is sold everywhere. These lots officially cost 80 baht, i.e. around 2 euros each. However, it can also be the case that prices of 90 or even 100 baht are called up or the delivery is only made in a package of 2, 3 or even up to 10 lots. The sellers set their own rules:

  • Good ticket numbers increase the sales value.
  • Several lots with the same number are only sold together
  • Negotiators buy more expensive from main retailers and consequently have to charge their customers higher prices

All in all, it should be noted again that in Thailand a lot works differently than in Germany or Europe.

Horse Racing In Thailand

Horse racing has been in Thailand since 1890 and it’s the only sports betting allowed in the country. The English army introduced horse racing. There are two racetracks, both in Bangkok. The Royal Bangkok Sports Club maintains a track that runs 26 race days a year. The remaining 26 Sundays are filled by the Royal Turf Club.

In total, this makes 500 races in a country in which almost 1000 horses are trained with around 300 trainers. That sounds normal, but the sport cannot be compared to other countries. The German jockey Jozef Bojko, who had the pleasure of riding in Thailand years ago, called the races “brutal”. You could also say that they are self-sufficient and original, because little value is placed on rules. Mostly small, very light (minimum weight 38 kg), Thai jockeys using the whip climb into the saddle.

The most important races in Thailand are the Kings Cup, the Queens Cup, the Chakri Cup and the Derby Cup. The endowment of the races is quite decent, although the mentioned races are of course much higher than the basic races. 7300 euros are paid on average.


In summary,  There are no casinos in Thailand as they are illegal. There are casinos all around Thailand, especially in Cambodia, Burma and Laos in the immediate vicinity of the border, which were also and especially built for Thai visitors. Some of these casinos have online appearances, so players can play from home and then collect their winnings directly on site.