Antonin Panenka’s The Penalty Kick

Mention one name, one way: Panenka. Let’s turn back until 44 years ago. Long before it was packed like the 2016 edition, the 1976 European Cup finals contained only the four best teams from the qualifying round. Yugoslavia hosts the arrival of three Western European teams: the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia and West Germany.

Legendary Panenka Penalty Kick Goals

Long story short, the final match brought together the latter two countries. Score 2-2 at the normal time forced the match to continue on penalties. Even though the West German goalkeeper was guarded by goalkeeper Sepp Maier, the executioners of point 12 fitting Czechoslovakia successfully carry out the task.

Germany are at a nadir, after the fourth kicker Uli Hoeness (who later became President of Bayern Munich) failed miserably. With a score of 4-3, the fifth penalty Czechoslovakia has the right to determine the champion.

Time is running to present historical moments. Antonin Panenka can act normally by placing the ball into a hard-to-reach corner with a hard strike. Seeing Hoeness’s execution soar away somewhere, Panenka was in contrast.

He ran to the white spot quickly as if he were going to kick hard. His shoes touch the bottom center of the ball. Raised low. Panenka kicks floating into the middle of the goal with a parabolic arch. The round skin moved slowly, but Maier hurriedly jumped to the left side of the body.

If Maier remained in the starting position, kicking the ball easily Panenka he hugged. If Maier remained silent for a while, life could be as if nothing had happened. Ah, the word ‘if only’ is irrelevant because we don’t breathe in the presupposition dimension.

Czechoslovakian champions and Panenka inherited a work.

As a result of losing bets

I wonder what was in the head Panenka at the time. Impressed, nosy, annoying, and easy to provoke comments, ‘What the action just now ?!’ Framing the media to his execution also led to his opinion of deliberately working on Maier.

The Cat’s career from Anzing, nicknamed Maier, has been tainted by the ‘beyond the’ Panenka action. But he swore, the ball of the ball was not to make Maier look silly. Who would be able to joke at such a critical period?

Maier might be uncomfortable when someone mentions the name Panenka for the rest of his life. Panenka can only be understood if this is the case.

“I chose the penalty technique like that, because I see and believe it’s the easiest and simplest way to score goals. Simple recipe, “he told the official UEFA website.

The process of creating the penalty was long before Panenka deceived Maier. He said, after regular training he used to bet with goalkeeper Ivo Viktor on penalties. As a kicker, Panenka lost too often. The money disappeared to pay for chocolate and beer.

Panenka then pondered ways to conquer the tough goalkeeper. Much time he spent at night in search of solutions. “What if I slowed down the kick and kicked slowly to the starting position of the goalkeeper?”

Success! His luck improved on the bet at the end of the training session. Then he dared to practice it in a friendly match. Also some league matches.

At least thirty times Panenka executes in that style. Only once failed! Luckily this happened in a trial match. Even then, because there is a large puddle in front of the goal. As a result, the goalkeeper was reluctant to move quickly and the ball was caught.

For the Czechoslovakian national team, Panenka performed his trademark technique twice without fail. Of course including one crucial moment in Belgrade on June 20, 1976. Since then, the name is legendary.

Without the penalty, Panenka could be easily forgotten. He spent 14 years of his career defending mediocre clubs like Prague’s Bohemians. Panenka was not even involved in the only success of the Bohemians winning the Czechoslovak League in the 1982-83 season.

He hurriedly moved to the Austrian giant team, Rapid Vienna in 1981. With Die Gruen-Weissen, Panenka harvested glory with two Austrian League champions and three Austrian Cup trophies. Rapid Vienna’s recruitment took place as a reward for Panenka’s glory with the Czechoslovakian national team.

In addition to delivering his national team championship, Panenka also penetrated the 1976 European Cup Tournament Team. In the next edition, Czechoslovakia was only able to win third place. Even so, Panenka was named Czechoslovakia’s Best Player in 1980.

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