Asian Sports Betting: Online Football Betting

The vast majority of bookmakers on the Internet come from Europe. But not only the British are crazy about online football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์), but they are also extremely popular in Asia. As a result, Asian sports betting providers are an interesting alternative, especially for high rollers who are struggling with limitations with European providers. In this article, you can read about which Asian bookmakers you can play at and what advantages this can bring you.

The big business behind sports betting

Are Asian bookmakers legal in Europe?

Yes, Asian betting providers are just as legal as the European competition. These are all registered companies that are often even registered on the stock exchange. The controls and supervisory measures are no less strict in Asia than in Europe.

The major betting providers from the Far East all operate with multilingual homepages on which all relevant information about the company and tips are provided. The customer service of the betting providers is often on a European level. Most Asian sports betting providers are all large corporations that work absolutely seriously and safely. SBOBet, Pinnacle, and 18bet are particularly suitable bookmakers – provided you are allowed to register.

Advantages and disadvantages of Asian betting providers


The advantages for professional players who choose a bookmaker from Asia are great.

  • The odds are well above the European average as Asian bookmakers work with a very low-profit margin.
  • Very high chances of winning due to an extensive handicap betting offer, which is not offered in this form in Europe ( here more about Asian handicap betting ).
  • Limits are offered that the local tip community can only dream of. Six-figure sums can sometimes be bet on top matches among Asians.
  • Betting accounts are not, or almost never, limited.
  • The transactions and the service are mostly at European standards.
  • The betting has a very long tradition, significantly longer than on our continent
  • It is an absolute future market. The Asian bookmakers will certainly continue to expand their position and recognition in the sports betting business in the coming years.


  • The distance seems to be a bigger problem for the German market than in other European countries. The German players seem to trust a provider from close proximity rather than from the Far East.
  • In addition, fans of combination bets will not find luck with the Asian betting providers. This betting mode is not requested by the local customer base, so the Asians usually only offer single bets
  • The website design of the online bookmakers from Asia takes some getting used to for many European customers. This does not mean the language selection, because the major Asian providers have it in English and also in German.
  • The offer pages are sometimes heavily filled with handicap bets. Therefore even experienced players will need a few minutes longer to “familiarize themselves” with the homepage.

What makes sports betting so attractive to Asian betting providers?

Most online sports betting providers in Europe have stricter risk management. This means that only very low maximum stakes are often possible on individual events ( more on the subject of “choosing the right stakes” in sports betting ). Many customers find it very stressful that the German bookmakers limit their most successful players very quickly. Betting offices from mainland Europe are usually only suitable for recreational and hobby players. Sports betting fans who aim to win big with high stakes are less welcome here. The British are a little higher and more relaxedBetting providers set their limits ( e.g. Ladbrokes ). However, a successful customer will also reach their limits there. It is worth taking a look at the Asian betting providers with their often unlimited application possibilities.

How do betting brokers work in the Asian market?

The task of betting brokers is to place appropriate tips on behalf of their customers. The player does not make a bet with the provider himself but has the broker do it. Switching on a betting broker makes it easier to place bets with several bookmakers at the same time if no single provider accepts the desired stake.

Betting brokers, who also guarantee certain anonymity for their customers, prefer to use customer funds in Asia, as the high limits allow them to place their bets relatively freely. On the other hand, this business potential ensures a secure and high sales volume for bookies in the Far East.