Guide to boxing betting

If you are a sports betting enthusiast who loves the ambiance of a big fight then betting on boxing is perfect for you! You can play pkv games online while betting on boxing.

Boxing is widely considered to be the classiest sport of all. Men and women train for months to box in the ring and deliver powerful knockout blows.

Boxing rules

Boxing is a martial art in which two people face each other in the boxing ring and fight with their fists. Wearing protective gloves, they try to hit the head, chest, and body according to the strict rules of boxing.

The professional boxing fights are judged by three judges on the ring who decide who wins or loses.

How to bet on boxes

Outright Bets

Betting on the winner of a boxing match is by far the most popular type of bet in boxing bets. The odds for the boxing match work the same way as they do for soccer, as there is a 1X2 betting model.


The over/under betting model is another popular type of bet where one can bet on the total rounds.

Winning method

Countless fans like to bet on the winning method as well as the round in which the fight could end. This is especially useful with boxing bets when there is a strong favorite to fight.

Series and long-term bets

Here, you can bet on the winner of the World Boxing Super Series. Depending on when you place it, this can be considered a long-term bet. You can follow your favorite across multiple bouts in the hopes that they will emerge as the winner of a particular tournament.

Betting on unconfirmed fights

Boxing is a game of negotiation outside the ring. There are always rumors of what the next big fight in boxing is going to be, not to mention the enormous amount of money associated with the sport, which can take months to arrange the fights.

In-play boxing betting

Bettors have the option of betting on boxes in-play. In-play betting in boxing is a great option as you can make more informed decisions about the fight as it actually takes place!