Sic Bo 101: How to Play the Game



Sic bo is identified as a game of ancient Chinese origin, although its origins are still disputed. Highly popular in American casinos, it absolutely was brought to the USA by Chinese immigrants who worked on railroads within the early 20th century. Initially, the sport was a success in land-based casinos. The game’s popularity followed it to online casinos which exploded on the net gambling market within the early 2000s.

Today, you’ll be able to find original Sic bo and variants all told online casinos. Called hi-lo or Big and tiny among gamblers, it’s a game of origin that involves dice. It’s only the second casino เว็บไฮโล game that involves dice gameplay other than craps. Since there are only two outcomes on each bet or roll of the dice (win or loss), it’s strictly considered a game of chance.

Sic bo isn’t a tough or complicated game in the least. If you’ve ever played craps, you already know what has to be done. With some tweaks of the foundations, of course. Using them on Sic bo isn’t recommended even if the strategies work on craps. Unlike craps, Sic bo could be a game of chance.

Sic bo uses a pair of dice thrown on a board with bets since it is a fast-paced game that may delight fans of roulette and craps. Your goal is to predict the end result of the dices correctly to win. On every turn, you’ll either win or lose, making it one of all the best casino games ever.

Sic bo became especially popular in online casinos, although it was initially a land-based casino game. Adding new exciting bets that will pique a player’s curiosity, Sic bo was modified in terms of gameplay Since moving online.


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What was once an easy game of chance with only some outcomes became a sensation online with the addition of the many new bets. The sport became even more popular after it absolutely was adapted to measure casinos. By combining the frantic gameplay of the regular variant with the atmosphere of a Vegas casino, Live Sic bo provides the ultimate Sic bo experience.

To start the sport, you initially make a bet by placing chips on the virtual table. Confirm your wager before bets are closed and the dice roll. The results of the roll are going to be displayed on the screen, with the betting fields that quality highlighted. If you’ve made the right prediction, you’ll win a payout in step with the table. It’s a straightforward, no-fuss game within which players depend upon luck instead of skills. There are a lot of things that put the fun within the game of Sic bo, although the luck part might not sound so exciting to some.

It depends on the be In terms of payouts. You’ll play single, double, or triple-digit combinations moreover as small or big numbers and specific combinations likewise. Three-dice totals usually offer the simplest possible payouts – as an example, depending on a complete of 9 or 12 gives you a 191 to 25 payout. A triple bet has the very best payout within the area around 180:1 (depends on the casino).

A single dice bet or looking on a selected number to seem on one dice, gives even money payouts for 1 or 5:1 for 3 within the simplest Sic bo versions.

Even money payouts are offered on the large or Small wins. This suggests that you’re reckoning on a giant or small number for the overall score. As you’ll see, there are lots of opportunities to win big and it’s all all the way down to your luck.