Lottery : Online Lottery Sites Provide Indonesians with New Experiences

lottery gamesLottery is still popular in Indonesia as citizens can buy tickets at lottery sites  in the privacy of their home to avoid the punishments of local authorities. The severity of the punishments varies as they depend on the degree of conservatism in the region. Operators and gamblers alike are flogged while others are severely beaten in public. In other regions, gamblers are simply imprisoned for 3 to 5 years.

What Exactly are Lotteries and Should They be Considered as Gambling Activities?

Lotteries are games of chance with established rules and minimal risks. Players can choose to play safely by buying one or more tickets; or to buy an entire booklet especially if there’s a huge jackpot at stake.
While some Muslim leaders and government sectors in Indonesia believe in letting citizens recreate by participating in traditional lottery games so they can cash prizes as holders of winning numbers. However, the growing support to ban lotteries and other games of chance finally succeeded in outlawing lotteries in Indonesia.
Nonetheless, since many do not share the same belief, they simply buy their lottery tickets online.

Lottery vs. Gambling – What are the Differences?

Many modern-day Muslims do not see taking part in a lottery as a gambling activity. First off, lottery players compete against other lottery players in vying for a pooled sum of prize money.
lottpIn gambling, punters compete against casino operators who profit from the lost bets of gamblers.
The prize money of a lottery depends on the number of lottery tickets sold by the operator. The value of the prize money is established prior to the drawing of the numbers that make up a winning combination. A gambling prize could change as it can be impacted by the changes that transpire during betting sessions.
Lottery operators profit from the lottery events by way of commissions. Gambling operators on the other hand, compete against their customers by trying to beat their hand or attain better position in collecting the greater sums of money.
Lottery can also be used for decision-making purposes, especially if involving a limited resource such as in the allocation of a limited medical treatment. Another example is its use in sports teams selection that uses the lottery system in drafting players. Players decide on a preferred option coming from a limited pool of available items, which creates tensions because other players will run out of good choices.