Beginners’ Betting & Guide

Sports betting is an exciting affair and can bring you a nice additional income if you avoid the classic beginner’s mistakes. Reading casino news at can help as well.

Casino news at: Why multiple bets are not a good idea

The big shortcoming of combination bets is the fact that the bet is already lost if the result is wrong. So all predictions must be correct. The more games you combine with each other, the lower the probability that all predictions will come true.

Because many customers ignore this fact every weekend, combination bets are still the main source of income for bookmakers.

You always have to be aware that the bookmakers are only waiting for beginners who then try to make big money with insane combination bets. Instead of making combination bets with five or six games and hoping for the big jackpot, you should instead concentrate on making individual bets that are as good as possible.

Casino news at: What odds should you choose instead?

This is one of the most important questions in betting. You may have heard of the legendary term value bets. These are betting odds that the bookmaker has given out too high. In other words, the probability that the event will occur is much higher than the odds indicate. Only in such bets is there really added value.

In the long run, such value bets pay off. Remember, if the probability of an outcome you determine is higher than the bookmaker’s odds reflect, you have a value bet. In order to bet successfully over the long term, you must be able to find and exploit value bets.

Casino news How do you find value bets?

Finding value bets is the pinnacle of sports betting.Casino news at Since beginners, in particular, find it difficult at first, you can check betting tips on the Internet. Preferably, find tips from experienced sports bettors who can tell you where they see the value. After a short search on the Internet, you will find good betting communities with free tips.

Of course, you can also search on your own. If you already have a game in mind and have determined your personal probabilities for it, then use odds comparison sites on which all bookmaker odds for the listed respective game. With the odds comparison, you can quickly see which betting provider has the best offer for the game. Now you only have to decide whether there is value in it.

Over time you will develop a sense of value situations. Until then, it doesn’t hurt if you deal with the matter more intensively and search for value bets on the Internet.