Philippine Land-Based Casinos to Offer Online Gambling to Wealthy Patrons

The Philippines continues to demonstrate leadership in the Asian gambling industry as PAGCOR now allows land-based casinos to carry on with online gambling.

However, this should not be misconstrued as related to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp’s (PAGCOR’s) offshore online gambing sector, as the remote gaming operations will not involve participation from the so-called Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs). As it is, POGOs are barred from offering their products and services within the Philippines and to Filipino gamblers.

In an email sent to officials of the land-based casinos, PAGCOR made it clear that online gambling as far as their respective brick and mortar casinos are concerned, will be exclusively available only to “known patrons.” This implies that “know patrons” are those whose identities, background and gambling history have been verified in accordance with the “Know-Your-Client” requirement prescribed by international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Law.

Land-based Casinos to Use the Proxy Method of Remote Gambling

As understood, the online gambling services will be accessible only to a land-based casino’s regular high-rollers, since their gambling activities could bring in the much needed gross gaming revenues badly needed by high-end casinos operating in the country. Like all other nations, including China’s Macau, Philippine casinos have been sustaining substantial losses as only a few of their wealthy patrons have been taking junket visits to the country ever since the COPVID-19 outbreak.

How Does the Proxy Method of Online Gambling Work?

The proxy method of online gambling runs similar to how Southeast Asian Judi Online Casinos offer Live Casino table games to their online customers. In which case, a land-based casino customer will be able to engage in real time casino table games like poker, roulette. Baccarat or blackjack while in a remote location.

A mobile application will connect a casino customer’s device to the casino’s gaming platform, which in turn live streams an ongoing game to the customer’s device. The proxy method will then allow a connected casino customer to place bets and play on the same table as if situated in the same room as the dealer and other playing customers.

PAGCOR’s New Move Could Impact Gaming Operations in Macau Casinos

Last September, a lawmaker in Macau came out with a bold suggestion for the government of Macau to allow online gambling in the island’s six casinos. This Chinese gambling territory has also been struggling with its gambling operations.

For the same reason that Junket trips to the island have reportedly declined by as much as 70% from January to September, 2020. As a result, Macau’s gross gaming revenues for the past eight months went down by a huge chunk, estimated as lower by 81.6% than what the island raked in for the same period last year.

Although there are rumours that the Chinese government is contemplating on the online gambling proposal for the territory, the six Macau casinos remain in a fix. In the meantime, land-based Philippine casinos can take advantage of the chance to offer the proxy method of online gambling to the wealthy casino patrons of neighboring Asian countries and territories like Macau.